How Far Can An Arrow Travel From A Compound Bow

How Far Can An Arrow Travel From A Compound Bow

This is a question that is a bit trick to answer, as it is based on a number of variables, but lets give it a shot.

Many people have asked the question how far can an arrow travel from a compound bow and it all comes down to the type of compound bow you are using, the draw length and how far back you are pulling the string.

Naturally a younger person is going to shoot the arrow a shorter distance than an adult.

A quality compound bow can reach distances of up to 1,000 feet, but a lot of archers will shoot a lesser distracted than that as it provides a far greater range of accuracy and repression.

What Is The Best Distance To Shoot An Arrow?

When hunting most archery will want to be in the 100-120 feet range to ensure they can reach their target with the highest chance of hitting the exact spot they need to.

This is the same for target shooting, you want to be at a distance that is not to far but not to close to ensure that you can hit the target with enough force, but with the right level of accuracy to hit a bullseye.

The distance in which a compound bow can shoot also comes down to little factors you may not think of such as forces of nature.

The wind, humidity and elements such as the rain are going to greatly impact the distance in which the arrow will travel, so you always need to have that in the back of your mind if you’re wanting to shoot at a far greater distance.

Another factor can be the size of the bow and the size of the person. If you’re a shorter person, or of you have a smaller build like a female might, then you may have a smaller draw length which can affect the distance the arrow will fire. If this is the case, then purchasing a smaller compound bow or one designed for your build, height and so on would be a better option/

We wanted to keep this article short and to the point, and give you the answer you were looking for, and remember if you are wanting to see how far your arrows will shoot, its best to invest in a high quality weighted arrow such as the ones here.

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