How To Install String Silencers On A Compound Bow

string silncer installation

If you’ve just purchased a new string silencer for your compound bow and not sure where exactly to install it, then this guide is for you.

Were going to show you how to install string silencers on a compound bow and explain the benefits of using them to improve your aim and accuracy.

String silencers are a fantastic addition to any compound bow as they allow a solid amount of the vibration that comes when to shoot an arrow to be absorbed in the silencer.

This is particularly effective when shooting long distances and the bow and string will become very tense upon drawing the string back, meaning when you let go there is a lot of energy been released which will ripple back through the bow. Limb savers help reduce this is the bow itself, but a silencer helps stop the vibration through the strings itself.

Best Types Of String Silencers

One of the best string silencers on the market is the slip-on bowstring silencers. While these may be a little more difficult to install at the beginning, they provide the best absorption from tense pressure from the bow and have a habit of lasting much longer than their counter parts.

There are a large handful of string silencers out there, such as the cat whiskers design, which is easier to install, but i personally feel can become damaged a lot easier. My favorite style to use is the cross dampener which you can see here.

If you do choose this style, the video below will give you an in depth look on how to install this type of string silencer on your compound bow.

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