Best Arrows For 70 lb Compound Bow


Have you ever used light arrows on a 70lb compound bow? yeah it’s not great. having a beefy bow and terrible arrows that are to light is not a great mix, and can greatly affect your accuracy.

It took me a while to figure that out as all I use are 70lb bows, so I’ve put this list together of the best arrows for 70lb compound bows to help you find the perfect match for you and your equipment, which will vastly improve your accuracy and comparability when hunting or target shooting.

These are some of the best arrows out there and I’ve personally used them countless times and saw a huge improvement in how accurately I hit the center of my target and even how they shoot at long distances.

So lets get into the list!

Best arrows for 70lb bow

These are the one we recommend as they has some of the strongest build and just overall best quality. Due to their strong design and strong materials, these are the best bang for your buck for use with more expensive bows as you will get multiple uses out of them.

MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows

cheap arrows

Th ems arrows are without a doubt my favorite choice when it comes to quality arrows. Their stainless steel tips, carbon fiber stems and their overall performance is second to none.

These are some of the most beautifully crafted target and hunting arrows I’ve ever used and the sheer accuracy of them is remarkable. Packing a length all the way up to 31 inches, they will work perfectly with the vast majority of bows, especially the higher end, higher poundage ones.

carbon fiber arrows

They’re made from solid carbon fiber which allows them to be incredibly durable, but also light enough that they will skim through the air without much effort at all. These are perfect for anyone with a 65-70lb bow.

I’ve used these for years and are by far my weapon of choice. My accuracy when target shooting greatly improved after switching to these and I was able to get hundreds of shots in before they even started to show signs of wear and tear, which is more than can be said for the cheaper alternatives.

If your looking for an arrow kit that will last a long time and help improve your game, these are the way to go.

  • Incredibly DurablenCarbon FibernStainless Steel TipsnHelps Improve AccuracynReally Affordable
  • Only Comes In Packs Of 6

Huntingdoor 30″ Archery Carbon Target Arrows

target arrows

This is a fantastic option if you’re looking to really get the most out of your money, at around $29 for a 12 pack, these are one of the more affordable options for larger bows, and one that you will be extremely happy with.

Completely made from carbon fiber stems and aluminum detachable tips, there’s a lot of customization that can go into these arrow, especially if you have tips you’d prefer to add-on.

30 inch arrow

These offer incredible performance and a high speed when shot, making them the perfect option for hunting. With a 30 inch length, these can fit the vast majority of compound bows and will fit any string thickness out there, making them very versatile.

It comes with 100 grain field points, standard screw in thread so you can mix and match hunting and target shooting broad heads, and at only 36g, they’re light enough to easily carry around, but still have enough weight that you’ll be able to line up a shot and get an accurate hit almost every time.

  • Comes in 12 PacknCarbon FibernDetachable Broad Heads nIncredibly Durable n
  • Can Be A Bit Light For Some People

Linkboy Archery Carbon Arrows

linkboy arrows

Last on our list is the link boy bows. While slightly more expensive than other, they offer a great product with an array of colors to choose from.

Made from premium precision carbon materials, these arrows are incredibly sturdy and will get a long life span out of them, particularity if your target shooting.

The shaft length ranges from 30-32 inches, making them perfect for 70lb compound bows and will ensure that you get a solid shot in while maintaining the best accuracy.

The arrow vanes are 5 inch right wing Turkey Feathers which allows them to glide seamlessly even when they have been fired at a high range and fast speed. These are a great addition to any arsenal and will be one of the better investments that you make.

One of the bigger selling points is the color options you can choose from, ranging from yellow, green, blue, pink & orange, you will be able to find the color and style to match your bow.

  • Pure Carbon DesignnLow Hand ShocknMultiple ColorsnUp To 70lb Compound Bow
  • Only A 6 Pack


When making the investment in arrows, especially those for larger poundage bows, you want to pick a pack that will not only last a long time, but ones that will help improve accuracy and speed.

The ones we have listed are by far the best on the market and I personally have tested all 3 and have seen incredible results. The money you will save from getting a high quality option will far outweigh the overall price.

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