Where To Put Limbsavers On Compound Bow

compound bow limbsaver

If you’ve just purchased a limb saver for your compound bow and you’re not quite sure where to place it, then we have the answer for you.

The best spot to place your limbsaver is roughly 2-3 inches above the riser on either the shooter side of the limb or the target side.

From personal experience this is without a doubt the best spot to place it and it just works.

You can see from the images below where they should be placed and on what side of the compound bow.

where to put limbsavers on compound bow

limbsavers are well worth their purchase as the help decrease the noise and vibrations from the bow when shooting.

This can greatly help improve accuracy and stealth when shooting and gives you an advantage at a very low cost.

You will notice that after a long session of using your bow with it attached, that your arms, wrists and fingers wont be hurting as much and your muscles will feel more relaxed than usual.

After using my own compound bow with an attached limbsaver, the vibration was almost completely removed all together and make it so so much easier to have more of a solid aim.

I cant recommend these little beauties enough and if you’re looking to pick one up, then this is the one I would recommend a thousand times over.

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